NuFlow Large Diameter UV Point Repair System

NuFlow Large Diameter UV Point Repair System


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NuFlow Large D UV Point Repair System (NF1,NF2,NF3,NF4,cable,camera tab case,2 tablets).

Brochure Link: NuCure Large Diameter Point Repair

  • UV point repair for pipes 8′′ to 24′′ diameter.

  • Cold Cure resin formula cures densely within minutes up to 7mm thickness while speeding installation times. The shelf stable resin allows for wet out on or off-site.

  • The Resin Protection System consists of an integral PU outer coating, which offers high thermal stability and a removable inner calibration bladder to contain and evenly distribute the resin; protects the resin from excessive bleed-out, blow-out, wash-out, and emulsification; and guards against resin slugs.

  • Optional glass reinforced material with UV protectant coating allows installers to handle the liner in direct sun.

  • GRP liner tubes are engineered for performance. Seamless, ECR, fiberglass tubes provide a thin wall, high strength structure to avoid flow loss.

  • Digital control tablet provides full process control at your fingertips. Retrieve and adjust the cable, control the packer inflation and deflation, turn on and off the UV LED lamps.

  • Umbilical module and cable drum allows for simple management of the integrated electrical and pneumatic conveyance system.

  • HD wide view camera located on the packer allows the user to both identify the positioning of the repair as well as capture finished video and eliminate the need to have a separate crawler after completion of the repair. 

    All curing data is captured to provide full process documentation for quality assurance.

    Packers are made of a robust silicone and are easily replaceable in the field. Packers come in four sizes: CA1 = 8′′-10′′, CA2 = 12′′-14′′, CA3 = 15′′-18′′, CA4 = 20′′-24′′