Midi Roller Battery Powered

PIC - 2390000010NF

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Battery powered wet out roller

The new Hybrid Battery Midi Roller is for wetting out CIPP liners from DN50-225 (2-9”). This lightweight and compact unit can be powered by the integrated battery or plugged in and charged during use.

Can be mounted on a separate work surface or combined with the Midi Roller Wet-Out Station (sold separately) which doesn’t require an additional power source – it’s powered by the Midi Roller!

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The Battery Midi Roller is a portable and convenient option for wetting out liners. Packed with many great features:

  • Hybrid unit: The built-in high performance battery with approx. 10 hours of working time allows you to work anywhere without access to electricity or plug into a 220V or 110V electric source and charge while in use.

  • Variable speed and bi-directional controls.

  • The belt features a silicone surface and rubberized upper wheel, making the process easier.

  • Lightweight, compact & easy to transport (18kg/40lbs).

  • Upper roller lifts up making wet-out faster and easier.

  • Optional Liner Holders serve as an extra set of hands to help pour resin into the liner.